Monday, October 29, 2007

Something Borrowed

Nobody in the world can prepare you for what happens to your insides when your childhood minister holds his hand firmly over the fingers you have entwined between the fingers of your sweetheart and states with a smile “by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife.” I shivered like an electrified caramel flan, sniffed back a blundering leak from my right nostril, squeaked out an involuntary laugh of elation and smiled so wide that my eyes disappeared. I blinked back the salty mist forming behind my eyelids and basked in the warm breeze that was the love emanating from my husband’s gentle kiss, until my breath returned.

IMG 032

It has been exactly one month since that perfect moment and I have yet to return from the ambrosial cloud on which I landed. I can’t think straight. I have been blessed beyond repair. I have been given Eden.

A dear friend inquired the other day as to what I could possibly write about now that I’m sporting two sparkling bands on my left hand and have vowed my forever to a single man. “You’re married and kind of done; it's the whole happy ever after thing.” Exactly. My life as it is worth documenting has only just begun…