Wednesday, January 7, 2009

And Now...I Wait

I have officially surpassed my due date, which coincidentally fell on my husband’s birthday. He crossed his fingers for our child to be born yesterday (as of 1 minute ago - happy birthday sweetheart) so he would no longer have to celebrate the slow progression of wrinkles and silvering hair. However, it appears that Sweet has taken on the ‘fashionable lateness’ qualities of his/her Mommy. I don’t blame my child; it’s much warmer in my voluptuous, insulated belly than it is in the chilled desert air. My 40-week ultrasound revealed that, despite my best doughnut-laden effort, Sweet does not exceed 8 pounds, so there is no urgency (yet) to induce.

And so…I wait. For an overcommitted work-a-holic, it is a rare occurrence to wake up with little more to do than anticipate my first contraction. Over a candlelit birthday dinner my husband and I smiled at each other adoringly and breathed in our last savory moments of silence.