Monday, December 8, 2008

Rainbow Pack

Mothers-to-be, carrying carbonated orange juice and a bandeau-covered, oversized belly through a casino are quite the attention grabber. It’s as unlikely an image as Grandma Hazel clinging to a walker and an IV pole, rolling dice at a craps table full of cowboys. I will not lie and say I don’t enjoy the attention, particularly the googly-eyed, approving smiles of gambling fathers. In my state of natural obesity, it’s nice to be appreciated.

Las Vegas residents do not typically rush to the Strip for entertainment; there is plenty to be found elsewhere without the insufferable crowds (or obnoxious drink prices, if you’re able). But local-discount (or free – courtesy of generous concierge-friends with strings) shows are still a draw, as is the intensity of a solid power-hour of…bingo. If you enjoy a $15 diversion, but still want to socialize with your companions, don’t purchase the “rainbow pack”. My teal-hued dauber saw more action in sixty minutes than a low-rent call girl does in a week. Empty-handed, save some aquamarine ink stains on my hand, I still left the casino bingo hall feeling a satisfaction that no money-sucking blackjack table can bestow. Gambling without breaking the bank and a free hot chocolate in the belly I share with my Sweet. This may become a Thursday evening habit.


Barbara said...

It is so like you to have the PERFECT pregnancy! I'm so glad to find out you are writing once again. Blogger can fill many an hour while you are grounded in Las Vegas. I'll bet you will even learn how to Blog while you feed your new baby! I can't wait to hear about the arrival of yet another miracle.

VJ said...

You found out one of the secrets to Vegas, congrats! And on the pending baby too! Good to hear and we'd strongly suspected it was the case. Cheers & Good Luck in the New Year! 'VJ' (And when the prices get affordable, perhaps in a year or 2 think about some property out there, but Only if it's a steal...)

EvaniaFlo said...

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