Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Just when I began to accept my distance from the East Coast, the East Coast came to me...

And just as I ascend to the pinnacle of turmoil in advance of our baby's birth (transitioning work; year-end deliverables; prenatal classes; gift-buying; and preparation for all our relatives arriving for the holidays on the doorstep of our tornado of a half-painted and woefully disarranged house), our ages old backyard tree collapsed into our pool under the weight of the powdery goodness that Las Vegas is not particularly well-designed to handle.


Regardless, I say God bless the snow. In all it's infinite chaos, it will still never fail to calm me. I think I'll make some hot chocolate for Sweet.


Namaste said...

It's all because I brought the snow to you. :)

VJ said...

I suspected as much! Cheers & Happy Holidays in the Snow, 'VJ'

Barbara said...

Can this possibly be Las Vegas? I'm thinking about you as the time draws closer!

(Word verification = SPEED)